Color Full

by Thomas Pedersen

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Created entirely by myself in my room.

Lyrics/Production/Artwork/Guitar/Vocals: Thomas Pedersen
Lyrics (Songs 2 and 5): Angie Cordova


released May 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Thomas Pedersen Oceanside, California

Not much to say about me. I am a young musician making music because it is what i love and hope to do for the rest of my life. Always writing music, so check back regularly if you enjoy.

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Track Name: Color Full
Funny how'd i've never seen my best days are all in front of me.
Just waiting for my life to begin.
Sitting here patiently trying hard to just breathe.
Hoping i can make it to see the end.


'Cause i've been pushing things aside.
Looking for a place to hide, away from all the troubles i've been faced with my whole life.
And when i think about the past,
i realize all good things that would never last.


All the time i feel this way.
Try to escape my own fate.
But life comes crumbling down,
i put my feet back on the ground,
and ill owe you everything.
Track Name: The Cars Outside
So i took her to her favorite Saturday night heat.
I asked her if she wanted to get a drink.
She looked around and said there is just too many feet.
I pointed at the door and said there is no one to meet.

The cars outside,
and i know its mine,
and you're alright.

A friend and i were going to the party of the week.
We knocked on the door and something smelled of terrible weed.
They opened up and these people were half asleep.
He turned around and said this isn't how i wanted to spend my weekend.

I said the cars outside.
If you don't wanna get high.
Thats alright.
Track Name: Pretty Lies
Say you love me and you're mine, and that i'll always belong to you.
Give it time and make it grow, watch it become true.

Then shut me down and fuck around with the girls that think you're cute.
Then i will cry and end my life because my life is nothing without you.

My seams undone, my mind gone numb, and pain is all i have felt.
If you want to be a murderer its easier than you think.
Just make me fall then take my heart and then the world shall see.

You are no saint, you are no god, just a boy who did me wrong.
You gave no love and my life is done and i'm crying on the ground listening to your pretty lies.

To say you love me.
To say you are mine.
To say i'm the only one in your mind.

You couldn't just wait for me to live happily in your arms.
You couldn't save me from the dark world of my self harm.
So here i am, bleeding out, wishing to hear your lies, because you are my murderer, and its time to say,

Track Name: When I'm Gone...
My pain is all that i feel.
My body gives all.
I cant deal.

I pulled my arms away,
from the ones i love,
to the one i cared for most of all.

I found my place.
And its not here.
I waled away.
From all my fears.

My home is not here.
And my bones are not clear.
Father i'll make it dear.
My end is almost near.

I fall apart.
Gather a crowd.
I'm holding on.
Push me around.
Hope when i'm gone,
you don't come along.
I shout it loud,
but nothing comes out.
Track Name: My Life
I have this feeling deep inside.
Its like my life is quickly going by.
I'm losing my temper and everyone's side.
I need to find a place and hope i'm still alive.
Maybe i'm hopeless, just in time.
I feel like i cant go on with my shitty life.
But when it comes to blame i know you're the one whos sane.
Without you...i might've died.

I live my life the way i want.
And you are not to blame.

What are u saying?
Dont waste my time.
Im trying to understand whos side that youre on.
Why cant my mind process that you burned me and my life.
I cant believe it, i felt so fine.
But then one person can throw me away like i never meant somthing.
I was the one to blame but know i now you are to blame.
Track Name: Have to Had
When you look at the world for the first time, you comply a feeling of hope and chance. You feel a bond for everyone to find, and that feeling begins to enhance. But as you grow older, the mind begins to grow wiser and you notice a monster about. Then your connection to society, though it felt so mighty, begins to be wiped out.

Your hope is destroyed and plummets to its death with your chance not far behind. And you get to a point of your life where you can do nothing but cry. You try to deny the evils of this life for the way they make you feel. Yet, racism, war, greed and tyranny, are nothing but all to real.

But...when i say these terrible things please don't be too upset. Because with evil comes goodness. Even if its the best you can get. I'm sorry to be here to explain this horrible truth, and i do feel truly bad. But at least you have a life, and "Have" hasn't turned to "Had".

Live, breathe, laugh, and love. Please don't focus on the sad. Because life is full of these evils and life is all you have.
Track Name: The Distance Between Us
For a complicated girl that i know, i cant stand to look at the pressure within your home. I feel the pain, i saw you sane, i picked you up from your knees. And turned you back into the one i know.

Cause when i feel life picking up, you always seem to get back in that rut.

I see the complicated, exclaimated, girl that i fell in love with, push me down and tell me she's alright. But behind that smile, i'll know for a while, she will be down and out for the count. And all i can do is hope that she's alright. Alright...

You are the center of, my one and only, my own. Yes, we have fucked each other over something dumb. The good and the bad, the ugly and boring, cannot be enjoyed by one or the other. Because this distance between us has left us out alone.

Cause when i feel life burning down, i grab a hold of you and hope your trust is around.


My past mistakes are coming back to me. Cutting you up and making you bleed. And your faded scares make you who you are. Only "papercuts" from my letters that you saw.